4.2.13 WHERE tag

@start WHERE table1 some more text stuff @stop


This tag is sort of the inverse of the CONTENTS tag and also helps us deal with many-to-1 and many-to-many relationships. This tag generates an unnumbered, bulleted list of hyperlinks of records in table1 , but limited to the records to the current record we are producing. The list is preceded by any text following hte table name ( some more text stuff). Obviously, this only makes sense if the tag does not appear in a record within table1 and neither in a grouping definition.


In Improv Encyclopedia, we define games and game categories. Each game can be in many categories, and each category has many games. When we generate the page for a game, we want to indicate in which categories the game is. For this we use the following tag:

{$ WHERE categories This game is in the following categories: $}

You can see an example of the page where this has been used.