1. Installing Compendium


You will need Ruby installed, as well as the Inflector class that comes with Ruby on Rails. You probably want to install Ruby on Rails anyhow so you can build a front-end for filling your data tables.

You need MySQL installed. In MySQL you will need to set up your Data Tables , Translators and Groupings.

Finally, you will need Model Files that control the HTML layout of your pages.

Installing the package gives you 2 ruby files: make_site.rb and . You will need to set parameters you will find in the header section fo tranlator_engine.be:

  • @start: start symbol of all tags. You can use whatever you want, as long as it does not clash with HTML syntax in your model files.
  • @stop: stop symbol of all tags.
    • Examples: @!CONTENT$!@ or #$BODY#$
  • @database: MySQL database name
  • @user: user database login
  • @password: user database password
  • @model: standard model file. No need to specify if all Groupings in your setup have a model file.
  • @sitedirectory: subdirectoy in which your output will be generated
  • @siteurl: URL of the site. In our current version all hyperlinks are coded to refer to the published site and not to the copy on disk. This will change in future versions.

Once you got all of that, simply run ruby make_site.rb and your site will be generated in the directory you specified.